Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Camp This Year

Every September we start our school year by having the older kids attend a living history camp at our local living history museum. This year Katie and Liam were able to participate for the first time and the older 3 boys were involved in a nature camp.  Nature camp meant they did not dress up in period clothes this year but instead focused on activities based on the book My Side of the Mountain.  They learned to start fires, build shelters, spoke to a local falconer, went fishing, spent one rainy day watching the movie, made jam and had a great time.  They all came home rather tired and dirty and wet each day.    The younger 2 spent their time exploring the history museum and learning about the role plants played in life during the 19th century.  They kept a journal, planted flax seeds, learned about natural dyes from plants, made a sachet of lavender seeds and learned a few period dances. Ok, Liam said that was his least favorite activity and seemed to participate under duress but everyone had a great time.  Somehow seeing Liam dressed up in the period clothes seemed to bring out his natural devilish personality just a tad more than normal.

We also had friends join us for the week to attend the camp so the house was full with 13 kids.  Minimal fighting, lots of fun and we learned that Alan can manage breakfast for 13 kids and still bring his pregnant wife breakfast in bed.  Anyway, lots of pictures.  Enjoy.

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Dirtdartwife said...

awesome!!!! Reminds me that I still have to put mine up on my blog! We had a GREAT time and if you're willing and God willing, we'll be up again next year! :)