Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bee Hive

Upon further inspection, we believe these pesky suckers are hornets. Someone will be by tomorrow to remove them for us.  At least the nest is on the back half of the property and not too close to the house.

While taking a walk this evening I discovered a rather large bee hive nestled in one of our pine trees.   Thankfully it does not appear to be a wasp nest which was my first thought since we have those all over the yard.  Not quite as prevalent this year as in the past but the kids have been stung often because the wasps like to make nests under the swingset slide.
Now we have the question of what to do about it. With wasps the answer is easy.  With what might be honey bees, the answer is a tad more complicated.  This may be the answer to why our fruit crop seems so abundant this year.  We should be able to teach our kids to avoid it but not guaranteed since boys are curious creatures.
One or two stings is not really a big deal.  But more would be.  And we do have other kids over often enough to be concerned just in case.  I imagine I'll likely be calling a bee keeper to come remove the hive.  Hopefully that can done without disturbing the bees too much.

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