Monday, July 19, 2010

Lotsa Fruit

Only because it has been awhile.  Alan and the kids picked most of the fruit off one of the peach trees today.  They'd already picked at least 2 dozen over the weekend and everyone ate some before we got to the house.  Can you guess what we will be having for snacks all week?
The other 3 peach trees seem to be ripening at a slightly slower rate.  They are likely a different variety.  Once those are ripe, I'll spend some time canning.  Hopefully I can get at least 10 quarts this year although I would love more than that.
We also found the first pumpkin in the garden today.  The kids planted lots of pumpkins this year and they are taking over the garden.  Next year we will try to see if we can train them to grow up something.  At the very least, we will have plenty of pumpkins to share this year if they all grow.

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