Sunday, May 15, 2016

Frontier Girls

The older three girls have been enjoying Frontier Girls again this year. They just finished up the Fun With Science badge.  During the first meeting, we made a cloud, a rainbow, and floated an egg in water. The second meeting was spent on a few other fun projects.
Oreos were used to make the phases of the moon. This required taking the time to actually teach the girls how to properly open an Oreo so that the filling was all on one side. A skill they came home and taught Seamus.
Everyone made their own models of the solar system. This was Ellie's creation. 
We also made solar ovens. These are not very fancy ovens by any stretch, perfect for melting marshmallows or making nachos, nothing too terribly fancy.
SAMS Club actually donated the pizza boxes to us which was rather amazing.
Now we just wait for a warm sunny day when we can use the oven. Given that we had snow and hail today, I'm thinking we might be waiting a little while.

Meal Plan

M: chocolate peanut butter baked oatmeal (B), hot dogs (D)
T: English muffins, yogurt, fruit (B), cheesy chicken bacon tator tot casserole (D)
W: eggs, toast (B), tuna casserole (D)
T: breakfast casserole (B), enchiladas (D)
F: cereal (B), mac and cheese (D)