Saturday, November 5, 2016

Announcing Kolbe Vincent

Kolbe Vincent was welcomed into the world on October 30. This adorable little dude is the perfect addition to our crew.

Yes, I decided to keep rather quiet about being pregnant this time around. I chose not to share with folks not living near us this time. While I realize this decision is not popular and many people don't understand my thinking, it was the best choice for me. Pregnancy is truly a sacred time. This time can be easily ruined by the negativity and lack of respect we pretty  much always get in huge numbers when announcing pregnancies. I needed peace, calm, and quiet this time around. I needed the chance to truly enjoy and embrace this baby without the negativity, gossiping, and lack of respect for our opinions that we have received every time I have been pregnant.

In this age of oversharing, people seem to have decided they have the right to know everything about someone else no matter what. When I back off on what I share and the response is "I'm going to keep asking until you tell me what I want to know," that shows a huge lack of respect. When the gossiping starts in with rude, horrid comments, I start to rethink things. No, we are not crazy stupid breeders. No, we are not too poor to care for our children. No, our child did not die because God was telling us to stop having kids. No, I don't care to hear the opinion of someone who doesn't know us on my husband, home, or marriage. So yes, I kept quiet this time. And loved the peace. My emotional health needed to be the priority for a change. Especially with Alan gone all summer.

Putting myself first in regard to this decision is not one I regret. It made things much easier this time around and allowed me to focus on the gift that pregnant is, even when the pregnancy is hard.