Monday, September 27, 2010

Long Time No See

Hm, I've been slacking here lately.  Just been super busy and not feeling the need to write much here lately.  We've had lots of visitors and the kids have been super busy.  Now we are all rather sick.  Fun times I tell you.  The older kids loved camp this year.  Now we are trying to get back to life and school hopefully.  Music lessons have started back up.  Considering getting the older boys into scouts.  The pregnancy is finally out in the open with everyone I suppose which has several people peeved because apparently they don't agree with the way we've decided to handle things for our family.  IOW we decided to put us first and other's second and that is apparently not allowed.  Such is life.  Hopefully soon I'll pull some pictures off the camera.  Or totally forget about this venture.  Still not sure which direction I am heading in so we'll keep you posted.