Thursday, March 9, 2017

And a Storm Blew Through

For all of the fans of the weather channel, here is the latest update. Because I have to admit that it baffles me when people call and tell you what they saw on the weather channel and then insist that you must be dealing with certain issues because they heard it on tv. Never mind what you are seeing outside your own window or anything. . . I always find it slightly annoying and slightly humorous.

So we were hit with a pretty decent wind storm. And we are doing well. The yard is a mess. A few branches came down and possibly two trees in the back.  There has been damage to the roof and some siding is gone. Part of the barn was damaged but since we plan to take that down soon, I figured that was just helping us get started. Probably the biggest issue is damage to the van. The wind got a hold of the driver's door when Alan opened it and the hinge was damaged. So now the door does not close quite right and the van dings at you and tells you to put it back into park. Alan and the older two also had to go help get a car out of a ditch. Someone who was somewhat less than thankful but I suppose that is a lesson in itself.  Two days without power and it is time to restock some of the emergency supplies. I'm actually rather thankful for a short term test run to let us know what we are lacking and not properly prepared for at the moment. Big one I suppose is to figure out why the generator is broken and get it fixed.

I showed up at the pediatrician's office this morning with my cell phone and breast pump and chargers for both. Then I sat in the office after Kolbe's appointment and charged them. Kolbe is growing just fine and is a very happy baby. Currently the kid has bronchiolitis and is wheezing but is fine.

So there is all the news that is fit to print or something of the like. :)

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