Sunday, October 9, 2016

Just Had to Share

Sharing this because it is an incredibly important message that I've noticed several adults in my children's lives do not seem to understand. I do not care if you are a parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt, uncle, cousin or friend. You never have the right to insist that anyone has to hug you or kiss you or anything of the sort. Teaching children that they have to hug or kiss you because you are a relative or a friend and you say so puts them at risk and tells them to ignore their natural instincts and warning signs. And trust me when I say I am now at the point of pulling out the mean Mom the next time I see someone demand that my kids have to hug or kiss them just because of who they are. This was something I was always forced to do with relatives growing up and it always made me uncomfortable. Like skin crawling uncomfortable but I was never given a choice. I can no longer stand by and watch the same thing happen to my kids. The first thing we tell them is so and so is coming to visit and you do not have to hug or kiss them if you don't want to. Then so and so shows up and demands the kids hug or kiss them anyway. I have failed my kids by not speaking up loudly enough when I can see they are uncomfortable but it is high time that changes.

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