Saturday, March 26, 2016

Using Amazon to Stock the Pantry

Over the past year, I have learned to love the added extra benefits of Amazon Prime membership. We all know that Amazon Prime is great for super fast two day shipping, movie and video streaming, streaming music, free kindle books, and more. Two other benefits available for Prime members are subscribe and save orders and a service called Prime Pantry. I have been using these two services to help our budget, stock our pantry, and find amazing deals on food to donate to the local food pantries. The trick is learning to find the deals hidden among the expensive products to actually save money and not lose it. Unless what you need at the time is someone to deliver groceries to your door for free. Then maybe the cost is not as much of an issue.

You have to watch the prices on Prime Pantry very closely but once you find a good deal, snap it up. I've been able to find boxes of oatmeal for $0.74, large packages of cereal for $0.97, stuffing for $0.25, and 4 packs of soup for $0.99. I don't usually do the searching myself. I joined a group on Facebook that does the looking for me. This means that sometimes good deals pass me by because someone else snagged it first. But when I find a great deal, I stock up. It has become slightly normal to send Alan a message saying I just ordered 30 or 40 of a certain item. I combine these deals with free shipping promos and Prime Pantry credits for opting for slower than 2 day shipping. Right now I have 2 $5.99 credits in my account waiting for new deals to pop up. When I deal does show up, I fill a box and plan to donate 50% of what comes in.

Subscribe and Save is a service that gives you up to 15% off your order in addition to sales, coupons, and free shipping. If you are an Amazon Mom member, you can also get greater deals on diapers and wipes. You have to watch for the deals and not everything is worth it but when things are priced well, you can save a ton. I follow another Facebook group that track subscribe and save deals. I've managed to get $120 worth of formula for $36 and a case of diaper wipes for $2.00.  I often find dishwasher detergent very inexpensively, pasta for less than $0.50 a pound as well as deals on occasional snacks for the kids.

Prime Pantry can also be used to send groceries to those away from you experiencing a need. Maybe they just had a baby or surgery or life is just rough. Whatever the need, you can bless a friend with a Prime Pantry box full of groceries and other necessities and they can save a trip to the store. We were blessed with a similar box after Charlie was born. Lots of quick snacks and grab and go meals for the crew along with boxes that the younger boys turned into cars and rocket ships.

Just a reminder that even if you can't feed 100's, you can take the time to help feed 1. Even if that 1 is just your own teen boy. Seriously, how do they pack it all away? 4 teen boys in this house so you can understand why I am a wee bit obsessive about tracking down grocery deals.

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