Saturday, March 26, 2016

Meal Plan and Such

The kids got a break from school this week since Kieran's school was out on break. Of course, that meant they all took turns getting sick. I think maybe half of them have been sick, half are either sick now or will be soon.  We apparently like to spend our Easter's laying low.

I learned yesterday that a fasting day is not the right day to push yourself to make it to 5 miles for the first time in a while. So did not make it but I'm ok with that. Getting close and still working on it. Also did a little research on what fasting rules used to be for those of us of the Roman Catholic ilk. Seriously folks, we are all a bunch of wimps now. And enough of this ignoring the rules about no meat on Fridays because I'm fairly certain almost all of us are not doing the prescribed penance needed in order to eat meat on Fridays year round. It does admittedly annoy me that even so called Catholic schools no longer offer meatless options in their cafeterias on Fridays. That was a standard even in our public school growing up. Seriously, Catholic Kid Problems: when you are thrilled to discover lunch meat hidden in the back of the fridge until your siblings all remind you it is Friday. Not as if that is played out around here on a near weekly basis or anything.

But enough rambling. The side of beef for the year has been ordered. We are eating our prepared freezer meals and a few roasts and will be using the last of the bones to make broth. Must break out the pressure canner. Ok, I'm slightly afraid of the thing but I'll figure it out.

M: bagels (B), chicken parm casserole over spaghetti (D)
T: yogurt, granola (B), ham and potatoes (D)
W: eggs, toast (B), salisbury meatballs (D)
T: yogurt or eggs (B), Italian beef sandwiches (D)
F: cereal (B), tilapia (D)

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