Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lunch Time Freezer Meal Win

We've been making freezer meals for quite a long time but until this past freezer meal session, I had focused almost exclusively on dinners. We often had leftover pancakes or french toast in the freezer and bagels or English muffins if I made a large run to the bread store. But lunches were never really covered. I always figured leftovers or sandwiches would work. But lately the concept of leftovers is laughable around here. I think I would have to start cooking for 20 to have leftovers. And sandwiches get a tad boring.

The kids seem to love anything in a tortilla and almost every freezer meal plan I'd browsed included recipes for making freezer burritos. I always avoided those recipes because they were unnecessarily complicated and a part of me just kept saying it's easy enough to just make burritos when you want them. This time we had 2 lbs of ground beef that needed to be used up along with some leftover rice from another recipe so I decided to make up our own freezer burritos. They were a complete success.

I kept the filling simple. Ground beef seasoned with taco seasoning, about 2 cups of rice, and shredded cheese. This filling gave us 24 burritos which are easily warmed up in the microwave. Most of us have been adding salsa or peppers and some sour cream. I'm thrilled with the easy grab and go option for everyone and plan to make a larger batch of them this weekend. Loving the extra options for lunch. Makes life so much easier lately.

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Jeff Hite said...

They are very yummy.