Friday, March 18, 2016

Charlie Update

Charlie has survived the rigors of her first major surgery. The repair to her lip was successful. She looks like a wee bit of a different baby and even her voice sounds a bit different. She's learning how to actually breathe out of her nose for the first time.
She goes in next week to have a few of the stitches removed and to make sure everything is healing properly.  At the moment, Charlie is still on some fairly heavy duty pain killers at least part of the time. Healing the mouth makes for some rather painful eating times but she is doing better. I have even caught her smiling at her big brother Sean.

I think the person hardest hit by the surgery just might have been Seamus. The minute his sister arrived home, he ran out to check on her and spent a good deal of that first day home trying to hug her and climb into her bed with her to check on her.  He was truly missing something with his sister out of the house. All is now back to normal, or mostly so. Hopefully we will have an uneventful few months to look forward to now.

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