Saturday, January 30, 2016

Weekly Update

So Charlie is finally starting to make some noises other than crying and smiling every so often. This seems to indicate that she is starting to be able to hear something since babies who cannot hear do not in general talk back to you.  This does NOT mean that we actually know anything definitively regarding her hearing. Granted, we aren't too terribly worried either way. Either she can hear normally or she can't. If she can't, we all learn sign language and she maybe gets hearing aids. Nothing worth getting upset about so we truly aren't worried. I would say Charlie's biggest issues right now are that she truly does not like the tape on her face and tries to remove it as often as she can and the annoying feeling she gets every time she spits up. Due to that wonderfully huge whole in the palette, when she spits up, stuff comes out of her nose. Seriously one of the most uncomfortable feelings. But she is doing well. No, I'm not sure when her surgeries will be scheduled and I'm really rather refusing to worked up about it. Please don't get worked up for me because it does no good for anyone. Truly her issues are minor and will be mostly fixed before her first birthday. So why worry about it.

Four kids are off on a retreat this year. Admittedly, we were not too happy to send them on this one because the parental gut just does not get the right feeling from the adults supervising the group but we are hoping the kids are having fun. It is one of those "mandatory" things for the confirmation program and even though I realize it truly cannot be forced upon us, I did not feel like fighting it right now. Depending on how the weekend went, we might fight any further overnight retreats because they really are not all the same.

Seamus absolutely loves his little sister. We have been very lucky to never experience sibling jealousy with a new baby. I will admit that I wonder how much of it now is often created by the parents and other caregivers worrying about it happening and talking to the older kid about not being jealous but who knows. All I know is we have not experienced it ourselves.

Seven of the kids attended a trial fencing class this week. Not because we intend to allow them to join fencing because, well, the budget is only so big. But because we thought they would like to see what Kieran has been doing. Everyone seemed to enjoy the classes. Robert insisted on defending Ellie's honor after another boy stabbed her and "killed" her. The game they were playing required you to go into a death scene if you got stabbed so she did. The Robert had to check to make sure she was ok before he took off after the boy who got her to avenge her.  Alan says it was adorable.

Gabe got his first library card this week. This is a big deal around here and our library tends to make a big deal out of the first time a kid gets a library card. He is very thrilled.

That is our week. Hope things are going well in your neck of the woods.

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