Saturday, January 23, 2016

Weekly Update

Not much of this week has gone as planned. But life is like that at times. Alan had intended to take the 5 older kids to the March for Life. After seeing the forecast, we opted to have them stay home. Not because we were worried about them getting there but because we were worried about them getting home. Seeing all the vehicles that are now stranded in the storm, I'm glad we made that call. It has also given me time to just rest and hopefully recover. I took Charlotte to the doctor on Wednesday and was told that she was fine but I was rather sick and needed to go see a doctor. So I do so the next day and spend most of the appointment fending off questions over the baby. What a pain. So rather than really worry about me, the doctor took the pediatrician's word that I have bronchitis. Really not too surprising I guess since I have been sick since Charlotte's last week in the NICU.

Liam has been released from physical therapy which means one less appointment on my schedule. Hopefully we will get a date for his surgery the next time we see the orthopedist. I am looking forward to being done with the appointments with this particular doctor because his bedside manner stinks. For a guy who deal with children almost all day, you'd think he would have a clue how to talk to them.

Three of the older boys are off winter camping this weekend. I don't understand wanting to do so every year but they seem to enjoy it.

So such is our life at the moment.

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