Sunday, January 17, 2016

Meal Plan

I have decided that my children are slightly weird. The parents in the house are getting just a tad tired of pizza every Saturday night. The children are absolutely miserable. We even had bbq ribs for dinner last night and tonight there were multiple children suggesting pizza for dinner since we skipped it on Saturday. Robert first asked for pizza. Then he said "I have an suggestion. How about something pizza-ish?" He even tried playing the "We can use our Book-it coupons" hand. He still lost but you have to admire the effort.

I am going to attempt for the next month to try to plan including lunches and snacks and see how well we are able to stick to that. Obviously if the fridge starts to overflow, a leftover night will be thrown in. I think the hardest things for us to plan are lunches and snacks because the middle of the day gets crazy and the kids are rather locust like in regard to snacks some days. I am working on getting them to understand that I really don't mind if you are eating fruit, popcorn or string cheese but I do get a tad annoyed when the special snacks disappear in under 12 hours because that just rather boarders on gluttony. And irks me. Anyway, rambling again. So here goes.

S: cinnamon rolls (B), FFY (L), tator tot casserole (D)
M: bagels with cream cheese or fruit butter (B), corn dog muffins, fruit (L), apple BBQ pork chops, scalloped potatoes, apple sauce (D)
T: eggs and toast (B), ramen, veggies (L), chicken divan, salad (D)
W: English muffins, bacon, oj (B), taco cheddar biscuits, fruit (L), spaghetti with meat sauce, salad (D)
T: scones, yogurt (B), leftovers (L), spicy chicken soup, cheddar muffins (D)
F: oatmeal (B), pbj (L), tuna melts (D) for those at home, packable food/snacks for those heading to the March for Life
S: cereal (B), FFY (L), pizza (D)

Snacks: string cheese, gogurt, popcorn, pumpkin bread, fruit, carrots, crackers

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