Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Baby, Baby, Baby

So today started with a trip to the plastic surgeon. A rather uneventful trip. All we can say is that the little one is not big enough yet to discuss scheduling the first surgery. This is rather a bummer because we really would like to get it over with and we are sort of working against a bit of a deadline. But since her surgery is not the life and death sort of operation, it is best to put it off until she is bigger and can handle the realities of anesthesia better.

Later in the day Kieran had fencing class. Abby and Gabe went along with me again to get school work done in the relative quiet and almost one-one-one time. The fencing club recently relocated so they are still busy with all sorts of last minute details such as testing the various alarms. While we were there, the fire alarm was tested. It went off for quite some time and was really rather loud and obnoxious. It bothered everyone but Charlie Girl who slept right through it. Also a bummer. Round three of her hearing testing is scheduled for late February. Hopefully we'll learn more at that point.

Otherwise, life is as normal. Just keep trucking folks.

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Dirtdartwife said...

Darn, was hoping things would move forward with her surgery and I will keep praying about her hearing. She sure is a cutie!!