Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pictures and Stuff

Just a few pictures. This has been a favorite game the last week. I am hoping that the larger sized checkers will be harder for the kids to lose.
Littlest dude enjoying his ice cream. The best part of Sunday nights.
It is harder than you would think to get a decent picture of this little lady. She seems to always move or start screeching when I try to take her picture. Neither of which makes for awesome picture taking.
Ellie on her birthday. Yes, she cut her hair again and I had to trim it up. The older girl are spending a lot  of time knitting and crocheting and they left a pair of scissors in their room. Ellie is nothing if not stubborn and determined. Thankfully she looks cute with short hair but I wasn't able to truly even it out. If I had cut it truly evenly, it would be a wee bit shorter and I just did not want to do that. Admittedly, now that it is shorter, it does look a lot less messy most of the time. Maybe we just need to leave it be for a while but short hair means more haircuts. And I am just not as comfortable cutting the girls' hair as I am the boys. Hence the longer hair. There you have my secret. It's my fear of giving the girls a really horrid hair cut that keeps their hair long.

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