Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Baby Update

So Charlotte is 5 weeks now. She had another appointment with the plastic surgeon today. She finally seems to have settled into a consistent growth pattern so we can now put off further visits with them for another 6 weeks. The current plan is for the first surgery to be around 4 months, the second one somewhere after 10 months, and down the road she will need further surgery when she is older. Her palette issues are fairly severe. I'm assuming this girl will have fairly extensive orthodontic issues when she gets older. But for now, she's doing well.  Acting more alert, gaining every day, drinking with no issues. She is over 6 pounds and using a much nicer bottle than the one given to us in the NICU. The current bottle allows for baby led feedings which is much better for everyone. She is still on a 2 week schedule with the pediatrician but he tends to watch newbies closely until he sees them establish a good growth pattern. Hopefully after her visit with him next week, we can back off those visits as well. She has also learned how to pull the tape off her face. I was hoping use would put off learning that trick for another month or so but apparently not.

Next week she has a hearing check scheduled to try to determine if she has hearing issues. They are fairly common in kids with palette issues and she failed her hearing screening in the hospital. Thankfully our pediatrician was able to schedule not only the screening but also an appointment with a doctor to immediately go over results and have her looked at that day. This means just one visit instead of two and makes my life a tad easier right now.

In other news, child number 4 is starting twice weekly physical therapy sessions next week for his arm. He is also due for surgery to have the pin removed from his elbow in about 3 months. Anyone see an issue with this timing? I had spent every follow up visit with the orthopedist asking why surgery couldn't be scheduled now, before the baby was born to make things easier on the entire family. He kept saying no, there is no need to take the pin out until it starts to bother Liam. First follow up visit after the baby is born, the pin needs to come out. But not for another 3 months. Right when Charlotte is due for her surgery. He also spent the past 6 months telling us kids never need physical therapy anymore, don't worry about it. Now the story is he is not regaining full range of monition and needs physical therapy pronto. Yes, the kid does need it. I just wish we had started it 3 months ago.

I also had an unplanned visit to urgent care for an infected c-section incision. Then again, how many urgent care visits are ever scheduled. So the third surgery was just a bit crazy for me. It is definitely taking me longer to bounce back this time but I think that is due in large part to the severe anemia before her birth and the crazy insane schedule since. I've also found myself just sick in general for a while but after spending a day in bed, I'm feeling a bit better. I remember feeling this run down after Abby was born when I had similar anemia issues. I'm just hoping it doesn't take me as long to recover this time as it did then. It seriously took me 6 months to feel back to normal. Hoping for a quicker recovery this time around.

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