Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Advent Plans Revised

I had plans this year to buy some new Christmas books to share a book each evening with the kids during Advent. Then the brakes went on the van and the fridge died and had to be replaced and those plans got ditched. I'm hoping to still find some decent ones at the library but far too often you have to pick through the ridiculous and just plain silly books to find one or two decent ones regarding holidays.

The kids made our Advent candles tonight. Yes, a tad late. I ordered them to arrive in time and they got lost in the mail.  Sent to Minnesota. I'm hoping I will be awake early enough tomorrow to take them to Mass to have Father bless them for us. We also have a new Advent poster for the kids to color. I need to get out the Nativity sets later this week. Our best wedding present was a ceramic set made by my Grandmother.  It will be a bit more meaningful now. I will admit that I wish we still had a child friendly Nativity set for the kids to use and play with but over the years the pieces have been misplaced and purged.

I'm thinking things will be kind of low key this year. I picked up gingerbread houses for the kids to make today. We will be planning our cookie party this week.

Saint Nicholas Day arrives this weekend. I do believe this is the biggest day in Advent for our crew. I love seeing how excited they get over a couple of shoes full of candy.

Here's hoping your Advent is a fruitful one.

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