Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Life Update

Please for give the rambling if it happens. It likely will because, well, who am I kidding. :)

Just wondering who is simply not feeling this Christmas thing this year? I am so raising my hand right now. There are almost no decorations out, the only cookies made so far have been for the cookie party and those were rather universally eaten by the ravenous kidlets. We did make the Advent candles but they admittedly have not been lit very often. I do try to maintain a few traditions for us from year to year but this year they have not been followed. We have a real tree this year which means needles all over the floor. Every stinking day. I think the kids brush up against it just so they can see if they can burst needles off. It also means we did not have our 3rd Sunday in Advent getting out the tree and putting on the lights party. The boys put them on in the middle of the week. I was so bummed. Just not the same and I know several other kids were a bit upset to have missed out. The nativity scene isn't up. Because someone got the box down without asking. Left if where a certain one-year-old could get into it. He broke some of the pieces. I am not supposed to know that the pieces are now hidden in the older child's room where they are being or have been repaired. I'm not enjoying Christmas music at all right now. Yup, still changing the station when it comes on the radio. I had a nice Advent coloring poster for the kids from Illuminated Ink this year. That lasted 24 hrs before Seamus ripped it to shreds. Just that kind of year I guess.

Kieran got glasses a couple weeks ago. He seems to like them. He managed to pick out two pairs which give him very different looks. One makes him look more like Alan and the other one gives him more of a Clark Kent type look. He says they make a significant difference in how well he can see so I feel a tad guilty for not getting them earlier. He also got to try a new type of fencing at class on Tuesday. I do believe he said they were using sabers instead of foils and he rather enjoyed it.

Katie rode a pony at her riding lessons this week. She says it was a lot of fun until the pony decided to try to roll while she was still on its back. That sounds not so much fun to me and I'm rather glad I didn't see it. I do better with the weird possibly dangerous things that happen to the kids if I don't actually have to witness them.

The Ford has been acting up lately. When Alan told me the heater wasn't working, I told him to get back to me in January since I was done dealing with car repairs for the year. A few days later he called from work (over an hour away) to say that the car was over heating on the drive into work that morning. That evening it starting over heating much sooner in the trip. Thankfully it was a problem solved with $10 of coolant but there appears to be a leak in the system somewhere. Hopefully it will hang on until we can get it looked at later.

The oven is acting temperamental lately as well. Which is totally awesome. It is rather new so it shouldn't be acting funny. Appears to be a thermostat issue of sorts. We have replaced every single major appliance in the house in the last 18 months with the exception of the dryer and that is because we just never bothered to fix the dead dryer. And the water heater needed to be repaired as well. It has been an interesting couple of years.

Liam heads back to the physical therapist after Christmas I believe. Need to check the schedule because it might be next week. Hopefully we will see some improvement.

Alan somehow has the entire week after Christmas off. I guess he forgot that he stashed a week of vacation time there when he had to decide when to use everything this year. Hopefully we will be able to use the time to get a few repairs done around the house and help the older kids catch up on some school work. I have a feeling the older crew might end up taking it a movie as well.

The kids received a wooden nativity set a few weeks ago. It has been something Abby and Gabe have been playing with most every day. I love hearing them act out the stories. Really helps you figure out how much they understand.

The boys had their Boy Scout Christmas party. Alan took a couple of the younger kids with him. Everyone got a few new badges and they sent the crew home with a huge pan of leftover pasta which means no need to cook for the next few days.

The parish center in our church is finally repaired from the fire. This means we have finally moved out of the school for Mass. While this does provide the parish a more permanent place to hold Mass, it also means we lost seating space. So now we have to get there even earlier to get seats for our family. The entire situation has also reminded me how important the atmosphere truly is in aiding worship. We are incredibly lucky that no one was hurt in the fire and only things were lost but the lack of a sacred space does matter. WE often attend Mass in another parish that is blessed with a beautiful church and truly reverent priests. The kind of place where they often have 8 altar servers, a lack of extraordinary ministers, reverent music, and a truly inspiring church. The difference in the behavior of the younger children is noticeable because they can look around and sense that they are someplace special. Liturgical art is important it seems.  Makes me realize how much I miss it.

That is a round up of the latest and greatest in our world at the moment. Hope it finds you doing well.

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Dirtdartwife said...

Makes for a long Christmas season when you don't feel it, eh? I hate those years but I also see it as growth. God's trying to tell me something and I need to sit back to try to see what it is. Most of the time it hurts though.

This is my first year where I'm actually feeling Christmas again. It's been since... oh... 2008. So it's been a couple years since I've felt like even being honest with myself about Christmas. It's a struggle.

I pray you have a good Christmas season though and may you be blessed with peace that surpasses all understanding in the coming year.