Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cleaning Out the Freezer

It is no secret that I have not been too involved in the daily running of the kitchen as of later. This is mostly because my job right now is to relax as much as possible. But it is also my job to train the kids to take over the kitchen tasks so I guess it's a bit of both. But I'd noticed lately that the upstairs freezer was kind of a mess and things were falling out when you opened the door. So today I decided it was time to at least somewhat organize it.

My question for you is what is the strangest thing you have unearthed from your freezer? This is always a somewhat interesting experience. Today I found 6 opened half empty bags of frozen waffles. (They will be breakfast on Saturday.) A bag with 3 pepper slices. Another bag with 2 strawberries in it. A single random banana not in the ziplock bag full of bananas right next to it. A few single popsicles just tossed in there somewhere. I did find a last container of pumpkin butter which reminds me we need to make more when we get pumpkins this year. There were a couple bags of beef bones still for when we are ready for more broth and a bag of suet. I really need to get all 3 of those bags processed already. But the winner was the bag full of nothing but a lump of ice. I'm a wee bit confused. I mean, why would you toss a bag full of just water into the freezer? I know, don't ask such questions. Just accept the weirdness that is your life and move on.

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Ashley @ said...

I found some frozen breast milk. Not from the current nursling, but from the LAST baby. Which is odd because I rarely have enough milk to have much of a "stash" in the freezer. Maybe just enough for one or two feedings in the event that I need to step out for a few hours. Woops.