Monday, October 5, 2015

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Been slow around here lately. Still attempting to figure out where to take this little corner of the internet of mine in the next few months. I'm sure there will be occasional updates on the little one when they finally arrive. I had other plans but then my computer died. The one Alan has working for me is incredibly temperamental and just is not handling what I'd like it to so things like adding pictures is proving rather complicated. But computers are a want, not a need so life goes on.

We've been rather busy of late. Still dealing with the orthopedist who know says his plan is to just leave the pin in Liam's arm until it begins to bug him. Then remove it. I've tried to tell him such a theory is rather silly given that it means the possibility of more complications and pretty much guarantees that they pin will need to come out at a most inconvenient time for us. I mean, if it is going to have to come out, why not just remove the darn thing already? Dealt with another child who needed over $2K in dental work. Suddenly. And a dentist who only allowed 30 minute appointments. So we had to come back 5 separate times. And they pretty much refused to use novocaine, instead using laughing gas. The poor kid was high as a kite and starving after every appointment because you can't eat if you are getting laughing gas. (Nevermind bringing in a child on an empty stomach and then having them pretty much always running rather late as well which is just rather annoying for everyone involved.) Then the dentist tried to tell me the kid needed to come in every 3 months for cleanings because "you have insurance and if you don't bring her in, you aren't taking proper care of her." Can you guess who is now looking for a different dentist for the crew?

Katie turned 11. Crazy how quickly that is going. She asked for cheesecake this year. That really means she is getting bigger.

Alan and the older 5 kids ran in a 5K over the weekend. Alan won the race, Sean came in 3rd, Katie took the top price for her category.  The rest of the crew all beat their last times. Everyone had a great time. I'm rather impressed with the progress the kids are making with their running. Makes me wish there was an affordable running club around here for the kids.

So life is plugging along. We're all doing well.

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