Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Planning Ahead

Serious question. Give me some comments. If you are of the mindset to keep your house stocked with emergency supplies, what items are on your must have list. I'm trying to work on improving our emergency supplies in the next year and looking for suggestions. We have 100 hour candles, some basic first aid supplies (definitely need to work on that one, it's been a crazy year medically speaking), a couple emergency blankets (really should order a few more to keep in the cars), the basics in the pantry. I need to find flashlights that the boys don't ruin after one camping trip. Or just keep ours out of their hands. I need to work on a real plan for alternate heating and cooking sources as well. But give me your must have suggestions please. What would you never want to be caught without.

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Anonymous said...

We have headlamps with red modes in our emergency supply, a small camp cookstove (thought we now have a gas stove in the house, but the camp stove predates that), matches, and lots of batteries for lanterns etc. Instead of "quality" flashlights we went with very cheap led lights that you can get lots of from harbor freight for not much $$.

Don't forget potable water. In an emergency frequently the water supply is contaminated.