Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Weekly Update

So how has your week been going? Things are a bit hectic around here as usual. The large chest freezer needs a $500 part to fix it. A part that is on back order. Until who knows when. The title we need to get rid of the car is missing somewhere in the house. Don't judge me. I used to be organized once. Then life beat on me a bit. Alan and I went out for a "parent/teacher conference" last night to discuss the craziness of the homeschooling this year. We come home to find someone had tied the van to the car using the slack line. No, I won't tell you who so don't ask. Someone also used the staple gun to put staples into the bumper on the van. Someone else tried to blame said issues on the sheep. Right. I just don't think so but thanks for the laugh kid.

My attempts to make sure we are well stocked with easy to grab food and snacks once the baby arrives are currently being sabotaged by the children. Apparently when something is located behind a locked pantry door, this indicates to my minions that they should immediately devour everything they can. And then dump the empty boxes and wrappers and such things where they stand. Right. Because this won't irritate me or anything. Or cause me to now keep said pantry key on my person at all times, including when I leave the house. Or rant at them like a crazy lunatic. I can only imagine the stories they will tell their children.

I have successfully managed to get several freezer meals put together and into the freezer but given that I am severely anemic and sort of supposed to be taking it easy, we will probably work our way through at least half of them before baby #12 arrives.

We have successfully survived the first full week of homeschooling. A few bumps in the road with the dual enrollment program (don't ask, headache) and the on-line school for child number 3 but I think we will get all the kinks worked out this week. Ellie's box of projects to keep her busy is rather popular. Now to work on the putting everything back into the box when you are done with it part. And maybe making a batch of play-doh to keep her and Robert still. Seriously, when it's not around all the time, play-doh has magic powers and can cause the most squirmy of children to just sit still and be quiet.

Seamus has discovered the joys of emptying the cabinets in the kitchen. We are now on the hunt for decent child locks again. No, not the ones that use magnets because we will lose the magnets or a child would use them to find out what happens when you put a magnet near the tv or computer or something. But the plastic locks seem flimsy  and just don't hold up.Yes, we need child locks for my sanity so I hope we find something soon.

So there's our week in a nutshell. Hope life is being equally interesting for you.

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