Sunday, August 16, 2015

Meal Plan

S: oatmeal (B), meatloaf, corn, zucchini (D)
M: eggs, raisin toast (B), cream cheese chicken over rice (D)
T: oatmeal (B), Dr. Pepper pulled pork, coleslaw (D)
W: bagels, fruit (B), broccoli beef over rice (D)
T: overnight breakfast casserole (B), leftovers (D)
F: waffles, fruit (B), quiche (D)
S: maple French toast, fruit (B), pizza (D)

Working on starting to stock the freezer with freezer meals. Made 10 yesterday. I have more to make tomorrow along with a batch of shredded chicken and peach butter. I just ordered a pressure canner so I am hoping to turn the last of the beef bones into broth and can that rather than freezing it. Slowly making progress on restocking the pantry.

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