Monday, August 31, 2015

Meal Plan and an Update

You will start to see a pattern in the next few weeks. We are starting school and hitting the 3rd trimester and the super mobile I want to scale everything in my path realm of toddlerhood all at the same time. So meals will be simple for a while. I may soon break down and buy some paper plates.

I found an awesome deal on yogurt this past week so the fridge in the basement is full of store bought yogurt. I think my kids went slightly into shock over that one since we normally only have homemade stuff. I can make a gallon of yogurt for under $3 right now. This stuff came in at about $4 a gallon so going with that whole simple thing, I filled the cart.

The large freezer is just not acting right again so hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow. Or you just might find me in panic mode as I try to find a way to save all that organic grass fed beef and organic pork. And the budget in the process.

We will soon be bidding a fond farewell to Alan's car and going back to two cars for a while. Turns out the poor thing just could not handle a couple of teenage accidents and a few other issues. Just need to decide the best way to get rid of it. Hopefully a few months with lower car insurance will allow us to save up a bit for another older used commuter car eventually.

Discovered why I have been so stinking tired (beyond the pregnant thing) and am working on fixing that. Hopefully I will be successful before more drastic measures are needed. The words blood transfusion just don't make me a happy camper.

We had guests in town last week who were kind enough to leave us with a fridge full of lunch meat and such things so we are working our way through the leftovers. Too bad I'm not really supposed to eat lunch meat at the moment. Seriously, how many other stupid rules will they come up for pregnant ladies? Admittedly, I do eat it. Just try to stick with the freshest options possible so not stuff the kids have been pawing through for several days.

M: yogurt, granola (B), leftovers (L), sloppy joe/corn bread casserole, veggies (D)
T: waffles, fruit (B), leftovers (L), enchilada skillet (D)
W: breakfast casserole (B), leftovers or sandwiches (L), pasta and crockpot spaghetti sauce (D)
T: yogurt, granola (B), leftovers if we have them/sandwiches (L), curry chicken (D)
F: oatmeal (B), sandwiches (L), bean and rice burritos (D)

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