Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fr. Murphy 5K and Fun Run

Most of the family participated in the Fr. Murphy 5K and Fun Run a while back. This run is part of the St. Pius County Fair held every year as a parish fund raiser. This year, Bryan and Sean were both out of town. So Alan and Kieran ran the 5K. The other kids (not counting Seamus) ran the fun run. The fun run is a free 1 mile kids' race. We keep the kids in the fun run as long as possible because, well, it's free and because we don't want to push their bodies to run the longer distances often when they aren't truly physically ready for it.

 Liam came in first in the fun ran, Katie took second, Gabe was in 5th place, Abby and Robert were somewhere in the middle, and Ellie came in last place. Alan was in 7th place overall, first for his age bracket. And Kieran improved on his time from last year. Everyone did a great job and loved the ice cream reward after the race (bribing all the children to get them to run, I think).

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