Monday, August 3, 2015

A Weekly Round-Up

I remember thinking this past week would be quiet. I was a bit wrong. Ah well, better than boring, right? Lots of craziness, unexpected running around, water heater suffering a serious injury, two boys sent off to two different camps, Alan working the weekend, canning craziness on Saturday. Yup, craziness.

So the water heater was yet another unplanned expensive repair. But on a positive note, I can now take a hot shower again. Sigh, hot water is a wonderful thing. The main floor tv died. I found a working one of the side of the road for free and sent Bryan to pick it up. We were gifted free tickets to the chicken dinner at church on Saturday. I am so looking forward to the break from cleaning up the kitchen.

So while I was shopping on Saturday I happened upon a great deal on organic tomato soup, maple syrup (the real stuff), and some produce for canning. Now, keep in mind that I am of the mindset that everyone (yes, even you) should do their best to maintain a well stocked 3 to 6 supply of food in their home at pretty much all times. Just to make sure they are protected and prepared for things. And when that food pantry is full of home canned foods, my heart is seriously in a place of total happiness. So I am working on canning as much produce and such things as possible right now. And while I was putting things away and organizing the pantry the other night, I found myself talking to the canned goods. Yes, I am crazy. I admit that. But I have frequent discussions with the canned goods in the basement. They often include me griping about children putting the groceries away in entirely the wrong place (why is it so hard to understand that like all of the spaghetti sauce or peanut butter or whatever should be on the same shelf and not in 5 different places?),  someone not telling me they used the last of a certain item, and griping about how eating the food while hiding in the basement pantry and then leaving the empty containers/wrappers/whatever laying on the floor is a thing that really irritates me. Seriously, I will notice if you leave an empty can of fruit on the floor or twelve popsicle wrappers on the floor. But there are other days when I just kind of look at the supplies and breathe a sign of relief knowing that the family will eat well even when I am unable to go shopping after the baby is born. Or if Alan loses his job. Or if the medical bills spiral out of control. Or something. And maintaining the pantry is providing certain children with job training skills. They will be able to stock and rotate grocery store shelves with the best of them.

Ok, I am rambling. It is what I do.

Seamus has decided he likes to sing in church. Loudly. Thankfully he has learned  to mostly only sing when everyone else  is singing. So he  sings very loudly, with his hands over his ears. Seriously, it is adorable. And, yes, most everyone near us can hear him. Because he sings loudly.  Just enjoying life, that boy.

We finally have a  way to pull  pictures off the camera. So hopefully the next post will contain actual pictures. How amazing would that be?

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