Wednesday, July 29, 2015


So do you ever find yourself part way through this parenting gig and realize you have veered rather off the course you want for your family? My older kids had a much more involved parent. Not involved in the sense of entertain you every second of the day because, um, no way am I ever doing that.  But involved in the sense of going on field trips and exploring things together. Admittedly,  no air conditioning in the van means trips further than church just do not happen in the summer. The poor kids roast in the van because the back windows don't open. It is miserable for them. And a new van is not in the picture for the time being. I have come to view car payments as an evil thing and, well, we can either have a car payment or pay for groceries. Not both. Anyway, just trying to figure out how to add joy back to our life a bit. Or maybe just  some excitement. Or just something that excites me every so often.

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