Monday, July 27, 2015

A Snapshot of our Life, Without the Snapshots

Yes, I do have plans to get back to blogging. Really, I truly do. I know it's been a long time since much of anything meaningful showed up here. I have a bazillion pictures trapped on the new camera. Ok, just maybe 150 or so. But the only way to remove them right now is to track down the old camera and move the memory card to the old camera. Or wait until the replacement USB cord arrives. I know the camera  came with one. But it disappeared about 2 minutes after it was removed from the package. I kid you not. There is a black hole somewhere in the kitchen, I swear there is.

The kids are alive and well. Just ignore the child who is wearing snow boots in the middle of summer. It is not my fault he ruined his sneakers at camp and can't seem to find his sandals in his mess of a room. Also ignore the other boy who refuses to ever find his sneakers or put them on his feet or in general act his age, preferring instead to throw fits and cry and whine and expect other people to do for him what any child his age (including him) is capable of doing. Yes, Mom is clamping down on his attitude and he is slowly getting into line. Slowly.

I somehow managed to forget to order the 4th grade spelling and English books Abby needs for this school year so am waiting on the next discount shipping day. Don't ask me how I did that. It baffles me as well since I ordered the rest of her books and they all come from the same company. I also still need to order Sean's books for his college classes. Scratch that, just for his French class. The history class starts midway through the semester so I have time. And figure out his paperwork for the district giving that we won't  know what college classes he will take in January until, oh, December. Still trying to figure out the basics of planners and organizing 8 students this year with two surgeries on two different kids scheduled for the first 6 months or so of the school year. And that new baby thing. If you find someone babbling incoherently in a corner, that will be me.

I have several book reviews and product reviews I really want to get posted. Granted, one of said book reviews requires that I find the books because I asked on the kids to read them first (he loved them) and have not seen the books since handing them over. I know I can't be the only person this happens to, just perhaps the only one who will admit it.

Seamus just decided that he does not like formula. Smart boy, he is. That stuff is disgusting. Seriously. I know it is nutritionally sound and such stuff but  nothing compares to giving your kid the real stuff from the tap. Nothing else at all. Anyone who knows me at all knows how much of a heart break it was to not be able to continue nursing Seamus. Granted, some people are just plain clueless and make stupid comments anyway. I do not understand such people. With the issues the next little one is expected to have, nursing will be pretty much an impossibility there, too. This really bugs me. Oh so much. Terribly hard to accept. So I am praying that just maybe the issues will not be as severe as expected so just maybe some nursing will be possible.

So that is our life in a nutshell lately. Hope life is wonderful in your neck of the woods.

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