Sunday, March 8, 2015

That Great Lenten Clean Out

The purging of the house is still underway. Yesterday the younger boys made an attempt to tackle their room and I started putting the master bedroom back together.   So far we have 5 more bags of trash and two large bags of items to donate.  But we are still working on both rooms. The older boys need to attack their rooms this week and if they seem unable to purge some unnecessary items, they just might end up with help. I'm hoping today to do some work on the basement after putting the downstairs back together. I swear it falls apart faster than I can blink. But right now I am just hoping we can get out the driveway to Mass since it snowed again last night but  Alan had to leave early for work so the van was not turned around nor was the driveway cleared. His car can make it through stuff the van cannot. The older boys are attempting to work on it now.

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