Friday, March 13, 2015

Planning for Next School Year

So you ever have everything all planned out and you are happy with the plan and then life throws something new at you? I know, I know, this has only been my constant refrain the last few years but it somehow still surprises me.  We'd gotten to the point (meaning Alan and I together) where we finally both agreed we needed to make a few tweaks here and there to our school plans for the crew. Because, well, there is one of me and a few more than one of them. Child number one will be in college next year and no longer my direct concern. Yay! I'm happy. Just hoping he finds a way to afford it. Seriously. Because he's learning the hard way that when you ignore Mom and Dad's advice you just might pay when it comes time to apply for certain scholarships and things. But, hey, better the lesson is learned now. Child number two will start dual enrollment at the same school number one is attending. Because that has worked out wonderfully, gives them someone other than me to be accountable to, gives them college credit, is much cheaper than regular college tuition, and has always been my plan but I listened to other folks for a few years and got lost a bit.

Although I like to say find what you love, keep your head down, and don't look for other options when it comes to homeschool stuff, I had to admit that what I loved just wasn't working for child number three. Not at all. This is the kid who is falling through the cracks a bit. He fights, he fusses, he doesn't like being included as one of the middle ones but also doesn't like to have the extra responsibilities of the older ones if they are around. He does, of course, want the privileges that come with all the extra help those older ones provide. He's also prone to emotional outbursts as of late because he's just struggling to figure out where he fits in I think. And he's mastered the fine art of hiding all day and just not doing his work. So we narrowed down the choices for him to an online school or an actual authentically Catholic school in the area that recently moved back to our end of town. In the end, we've decided on the online school for him. I'm praying that having someone else to be accountable to will be a good thing for him.

Numbers 4 and 5 are the tricky ones. I wanted to put them in the same school as number 3. This would not work if it were the brick and mortar school because basically all 3 would be in the same class and that would just not be something I could inflict upon someone else. We've been looking at the online school for the two of them and I love the looks of it. But, and this is a big but, tuition for the 3 of them plus books plus each needing their own computers is out of our budget this year.  It would be almost 10% of our income and that is a huge chunk of change for just 3 kids. Financial decisions must be made and getting the house back to a less toxic state is much more important. So hopefully they will do well with the same school we used this year. We'll use the same one for 6, 7, and 8. Number 9, still debating preschool vs kindergarten for her. We can always just play it by ear.

So here's hoping things will go smoothly this coming year. We've been cutting back on outside activities as well because I realized I just was not enjoying the running around at all at this point. Even if an activity is a good thing, that does not mean it has to play a role in your schedule right at this point in time. So just keep your head down and quit looking for the next best thing. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself.

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