Sunday, March 1, 2015

House Related Projects

Alan has been busy working on various projects around the house. Most of them are things we have talking about doing for years but we're just never able to get done for one reason or another.
When our last microwave died, we decided it was officially time to put in an over the stove model. This meant putting a new cabinet in to provide the proper clearance but ended up being a much easier job than we were thinking. Alan is now working on putting in a new cabinet where the desk was in the kitchen so that we will have both more storage space and more counter space.

This house has many light switches that do not go with any light or outlet in the house. We've tested just about everything and still have switches that go no where. No junction boxes have been located in the ceilings and attempts to trace electrical wires using the house plans have proven fruitless. All this is to say that we've lacked decent lighting in the living room for years. Floor lamps just tend to get broken around here so we really wanted a light (and ceiling fan) installed. But there was no box to be found in the ceiling. We finally found a kit to allow Alan to safely run a wire across the room and down to the one outlet that does connect to a switch. So we now have lights in the living room. I'm oh so very happy.
The current project being tackled is dealing with the mold issues in the master bathroom and bedroom. This might be simple and might be hard. We know all four Windows need to be stripped, treated, and sealed. Part of the ceiling needs to come down. At the very least, part of the vanity cabinet needs to be pulled out. The tub needs to be removed so we can see what lies beneath it. Until it's been fixed, Alan, Seamus, and I are sleeping in the living room because it turns out it is making us sick (headaches, breathing issues, etc.). There has been water damage done to the kitchen floor from the dishwasher leaking and to the cabinet under the sink from a constant on and off leak. These might need to be ripped out as well but for now we are focusing on the bathroom.

I am hoping Alan and the boys are able to do most of the work themselves. Since the mold issues seem to be responsible for a significant amount of my recent health issues, he wants me no where near the repair work. So I'm sure the boys will end up learning a lot from this task.

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