Sunday, March 1, 2015

Frugal Friday

Trying to think of how things went this week. I managed to save $100 on the new cabinet for the kitchen by asking for a discount because of minor damage that won't be noticeable once the counter goes on. Saved $30 at least using coupons on groceries. Sorted hand-me-downs and found almost all the clothes Seamus will need in the next size. Stocked the pantry a bit with sales. Pulled 3 kids from karate because of issues with the staff. This will save us a little money and a significant amount of time and mental stress. Not to mention a bit of gas savings. The three boys still in karate are too close to black belt to pull right now. But I'm a bit tempted since I'm getting a bit tired of giving our money to people who often treat the kids badly.

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