Saturday, February 7, 2015

Home Depot Saturday

Liam asked this week if we could please do the kids' workshop at Home Depot this weekend. I hate to admit how long it had been since I have taken the kids to a workshop. I'll just say it was before Seamus was born.
Today I took the younger 8 kids with me and they built these boxes. Liam left the heart off his because, well, that would be too girly. So Ellie ended up with two hearts on her box instead. Yes. I will admit that I consider this sort of thing to count for school. Call it life skills or wood shop or whatever you'd like. It still counts in my book.

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Dirtdartwife said...

that just made me look into the clinics in our area and I found one that is PERFECT for hubby and boy#1. I'm heading on a pilgrimage that weekend anyway and it'll make it much easier for me to have hubby take boy#1. Besides, the boy needs dad time. Man alive he needs dad time! And that's perfect! Thanks for the reminder of these clinics!