Saturday, February 21, 2015

Frugal Friday

I know, I'm late again. Story of my life it seems. Just bare with me. Or not. Your choice.

So what have we managed this week?
-7 kids have been given haircuts. Those boys were getting shaggy looking. Seriously. And Ellie's hair needed to be shaped a bit because it is growing in all kind of funky because she has hacked it off to many times in so many places. I seriously doubt she will have a normal looking head of hair for a few more years.
-Alan's repairs to the truck were successful so we did not have to take it anywhere.  Which is good since Bryan dinged up the car in a fight with a guard rail and a light needs to be replaced now.
-Alan and the kids pulled multiple cars out of the ditch on the side of our road. Not sure if this counts truly as frugal since we already pay for roadside assistance and they were on their way. And Alan got frostbite from his efforts but no one was injured, all of the vehicles are fine, and everything is back to normal. Until the next time it snows.

In other news, Ellie decided to swing from a rope tied to the basement ceiling like it was a vine or something. And face planted on the tile floor. Major bleeding, lots of tears. Took her to urgent care since she wasn't really opening her eyes and was acting sleeping. I was concerned about a possible concussion. And they REFUSED to see her. Seriously. This is the same place I took her for her last head injury over a year ago. At that time she was old enough to be seen there for a head injury. This time the nurse practitioner came out and said "Well, I can tell you her nose is bleeding." Seriously, no way! Hello Captain Obvious. And the entire stinking reason for an urgent care is so you can avoid the germ infested over run pediatric ER. Call me crazy. But by the time I got home again (was going to get the directions for the step down ER so I could avoid the large pediatric one), she was acting fine, 30 minutes later, she was tap dancing in the living room.

Anyway, that has been our life in a nut shell this week.

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