Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine's Craft

The littlest dude started getting very grumpy and miserable on Friday. More than he normally is which is already way more than most of the other kids at this age. This should have been my sign that he wasn't feeling well. He was rather sick Saturday and Sunday and was oh so generous in sharing his illness with me. Luckily Alan was able to work from home on Monday (the snow helped contribute to that but he can usually do that anyway when I need help) so I was able to sleep. And snuggle with the baby a bit more. But this means I have not accomplished everything on my list for the past weekend and the kids are still waiting on an art project I promised to do with them. I tell you, the finger paints are calling alluringly to the children from the kitchen counter.
Anyway, I just wanted to share a project we did actually get to last week before the sickness descended. I'm trying oh so hard to add more of the fun stuff I used to do with the older ones back into the younger ones lives. I've been terrible about it the past few years. But I need to remind myself that it is just as important to do all the little things with the younger ones that you found the time to do with your older kids. Ok, maybe not the story times and playgroups and such things seemingly meant for moms with just one or two kids because frankly, no one has time for that anymore. Seriously.
This craft comes from Catholic Icing. My version involved glitter (can you hear the cries of joy from the children?) and playing the song to go along with it. Oh the glitter. The table was all kinds of shiny for the rest of the day.
This craft was super easy and involves pretty much only stuff you'd have at home. I'd say you only truly need construction paper, glue, and something to color with. The rest was a bonus. And the St. Valentine's Day decorations are starting to go up a bit early this year.

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