Sunday, January 11, 2015

Oatmeal Packets

Super quick breakfast ideas. We totally need them around here. But we also need ones that don't quite break the bank because, well, we are rocking the budget thing right now. My kids love instant oatmeal but they only usually get it when we are staying in a hotel because 9 kids will go through probably 3 boxes in one sitting. But when they do get to have them, the younger kids just about throw one of those "My parents are the most awesome people ever" parties and we can all use that every so often. So this afternoon I put a few of my kids to work at making their own instant oatmeal packets. Yes, child labor is alive and well in this house. Yes, the kids were thrilled to make their own oatmeal packets. Yes, they will still sing the parental praises when they eat it this week. And hopefully next week. I may have to hide them above the 5 foot level if I want them to last.
I based our version off this recipe but what really happened went something like this: told children to get out sandwich bags, add 1/2 cup of oatmeal to each bag, then add maybe 1 tbs of brown sugar. Then decide if you want to toss in cinnamon, raisins or chocolate chips. I think they mostly made chocolate chip ones. And the bag Ellie brought me had something like 4 large chunks of brown sugar in it and a bunch of chocolate. Yup, this is why the kids loved making them. And, yes, I had an older child help her fix that one.

So if you make something like this with your kids, please share some flavor combos. Because Gabe said Dad is going to have to get used to making lots of hot water because they made lots of oatmeal today.

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