Friday, January 23, 2015

Frugal Friday

Ok, I love this idea of holding yourself accountable and sharing ideas of what you have done during the week to save some money. So let's see what I can come up with.

- Alan cooked a turkey from the freezer on Sunday. Said turkey was dinner on Sunday night and the meat was used for 2 freezer meals, lunches at least once during the week, and added to soup on Monday night.
- Turkey carcass was used to make broth. There was enough for a full pot of turkey and rice soup on Monday and an extra gallon of broth which is now in the freezer.
- We ate a freezer meal this week that has been languishing in the freezer for far too long. When we made the original freezer meal, we made two of them. Apparently there is just a wee bit much rum in the molasses rum chicken for our tastes so we plan to tweak the recipe a bit when we make it next time. And lest you think we spent a lot on the rum, we would ever do such a foolish thing. Alan picked it up on one of his trips to some exotic locale.
- Alan made a batch of French bread to have with our cheese steak sandwiches for dinner this week.
- I made a triple batch of laundry detergent.
- I used coupons to get 2 bottles of shampoo for 47 cents total.
- Ordered and received two free cans of formula from Amazon. Yes, it breaks my heart that Seamus is on formula. Truly it does but sadly it is what he seems to need. Pardon me while I go cry for a while.
- Cloth diapers. Seriously, if you aren't on that band wagon, go jump ship now.
- Was given an exersaucer for Seamus. Total awesomeness.
- Found riding boots for Katie from a friend. Again, total awesomeness.
- Was given 3 or 4 bags of hand-me-downs from a family at karate. I need to sort them and pass along what we can't use.
- Made a batch of yogurt at home (can't beat a gallon of whole milk yogurt for $2.50).
- Taught Kieran how to make granola to go with the yogurt.
- Printed several review sheets for free for the kids to use in school this week.

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