Saturday, January 31, 2015

Frugal Friday (or Saturday)

Can you tell I am not that great at planning as of late? Or maybe sticking to plans would be more accurate. Trying to come up with something for this post. Hm, I did a few Pinecone Research surveys. Found more free resources on-line for some review work for school. Took two of the kids to their book club at the library where they studied the Alamo and made models out of sugar (ok, that was last week but I forgot to list it). Took the girls to a free self-defense class for a badge for Frontier Girls. Used buy 1 get 1 free coupons for ice cream so we could stop and socialize after the class. Watched the gas in all three vehicles all week and made sure the most efficient vehicle for each trip was actually used. This was much more important than usual since we were in the middle of two weeks with no paycheck coming in due to work schedule changes. Once Alan finally got paid, I threw the budget together, paid all of the bills, and made a big grocery run with Sean and Seamus. I used a coupon at the bread store although next time I will do my best to hold off until Monday and have Alan stop in to get 10% off to go with the coupon (military discount day). While at SAMS club, I picked up several items on seasonal clearance to work on restocking the pantry. I also bought slightly over 60 lbs of chicken that was marked down. The chicken was turned into 14 freezer meals plus 6 bags of cooked shredded chicken for recipes. I also threw together 27 packets of homemade instant oatmeal and two homemade brownie mixes.  The older boys also returned from their winter camping trip with 5 lbs of carrots and 3 lbs of onions that were not used.  Used enough coupons to shave about 20% off the grocery trip to Wegmans.  Overall, not bad but nothing great. And we just stayed home a bit extra this week which does save on gas (and at times on sanity).

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