Tuesday, August 5, 2014


It does feel lately like life has been kicking up while we are down. I mean, already this week we've had 3 issues with cars and that does not include the check engine light that just came on in the truck or the fact that it smells like there is a fuel line leak in it either. So today I will focus on those things to be thankful for instead.

1. A neighbor who noticed that our lawn equipment is all out of commission again and came over to mow the lawn for us. Twice. Just because.
2. Roadside assistance that will come out even in the middle of the night. Makes life easier to know at least that is one bill you won't have to worry about paying.
3. A library that is often forgiving of fines. Especially when I accidentally recycle a magazine one of my kids checked out.
4. Lots of friends with hand-me-down diapers so that even though our stash of cloth had been pretty much worn out, I'll still be able to diaper this baby almost for free. Seriously, that is amazing.
5. Thrift stores and consignment shops for when 6 kids need sandals all at once. And when you truly realize you gave away ALL of your baby clothes and the newbie will be naked if you don't fix the situation.
6. Freebies from the summer reading program. I am thinking at some point this week, I just might take the kids out for their free frosty's.


Jeff Hite said...

Yup lots to be thankful for.

Ashley M. said...

Let me know if you need anymore newborn diapers! Most of what you gave me is still in great shape. Especially those Under the Nile fitteds. Loved those.