Saturday, August 2, 2014

FrMurphy 5K

Alan and the older 8 kids ran in a road race yesterday. Alan, Bryan, and Sean all ran a 5K. Alan came in 4th place overall after getting turned around on the course. Given that the first two runner who finished were college runners and came in a few minutes before anyone else, it's unlikely he would have had a shot at anything better than 3rd but he was the first in his age bracket and had a huge cheering squad.  Sean was on track to be fairly close behind his Dad until he had an asthma attack part way through the run. Unfortunately, he'd managed to leave his inhaler at home so he was not in the best of shape when he finished but he did a great job considering he could not breathe.  Bryan has been working on improving his running and getting into better shape and did a much better job than his last race.  They are all planning to run the Stokoe Farms 5K in September so I'm looking forward to seeing how they all do then.

The other 6 kids all ran in the Kids' Fun Run. This was a much shorter course and the perfect for our first time racers (Robert, Gabe, and Abby). Liam came in 2nd, Katie in 3rd although all 3 of the first runners were only separated by a few seconds. Gabe was the next one of ours to cross the finish line and was apparently having a conversation with someone the entire time. Kieran came a bit after Gabe. Bringing up the rear were Abby and Robert. Apparently Robert's pants were falling off of him for the first half of the run until Abby stopped to help him.

As the dust settled and the kids finished their free ice cream, Sean eventually found himself breathing better and actually won a "door prize" which I do believe made his evening.  All in all, a good time was had by everyone. Maybe next year I'll be able to join them with the younger ones in a stroller.

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