Saturday, August 9, 2014

18 Things I Love About My Husband

1. Getting married young means we were able  to grow up together, learn together, and get fairly decent  at picking each other up early.

2. His kid in a candy store impulsivity that often leaves me wondering what the heck he was thinking.

3. The way he'll stay up late watching over a sick kid.

4. He cooks a wonderful steak.

5. He refused to give up on the dream of becoming a "real" writer until it happened.

6. He's mastered the art of helping elderly relatives without becoming overbearing and intrusive.

7. At almost 40, he can still run like he did in high school.

8. He's always excited to hear the news of a new baby, no matter what.

9. The obnoxiously silly names he comes up with for each of the kids.

10. He willingly takes the time to teach the kids how to swing a hatchet, light a fire, paint a wall, use a drill, and just in general build things.

11. He makes sure the kids know a bunch of  Bill Cosby jokes.

12. He can braid the girls' hair, probably better than I can.

13. Breakfast in bed on the weekends.

14. He's not afraid to let you see him cry.

15. Bonfire nights and camping in the yard with the kids. All of them.

16. He is proud to have his very own baby sling because only Dad can put the babies to sleep at night.

17. He's not afraid  to work for what his family needs, even when that means he goes without something himself.

18. He always finds a way to maintain a sense of hope. And a sense of wonder. And is just too stubborn to give up.

Happy anniversary, Alan. I love you and am looking forward to many more crazy, insane, lovely, chaotic years together.

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Jeff Hite said...

Love you more than anything else.