Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Teen Tuesday

A few promises I feel must be made to our teenagers.

1: I promise not to give you everything you want because that will only lead to a sense of entitlement and a lack of work ethic.

2: I promise NOT to look for a job for you.  You will do the work yourself because an employer is not going to hire someone who needs Mommy and Daddy to get the job for them.

3: I promise NOT to do your work for you.

4: I promise to let you fail and fall on your face a time or two. It is only in feeling the stink of failure that we learn to appreciate the joy that comes in true success and hard work.

5: I promise to love you no matter what choices you make in life and do my best to make sure you always know that your family is in your corner.

6: I also promise to give you a kick in the pants if you are being lazy or immoral. But not just because I disagree with your choices. There is a difference.

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