Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Teen Tuesday

I've often said that I think many of the problems parents complain about with teens actually are the fault of the parents themselves.  Not a hard and fast rule, but I do think it is often a factor that adults simply refuse to acknowledge.  Teen will become disrespectful when not given respect themselves.  Teens will be lazy when not challenged or held to high standards. And teens will get resentful when their contributions are not acknowledged.  So teen Tuesday is about recognizing those things the teens in your life do to make your life better.

Our teens honestly are a tremendous help.  I have often said we would not be able to do as much as we do as a family without their help.  Even though I admit I have often forgotten to thank our teens for their help, I am always grateful for the things they do for us.  They make dinner, lunches, help with the animals, babysit, do laundry, put the groceries away, load things into the van for me, sit at the library so their little sisters can go to book club, help with karate classes, and in general are do a great job at contributing to our family.  And for all of their help, I am incredibly thankful and will try to do a better job of telling them right away in the future. Because I'm sure we can all remember how awful it feels to have those adults in your life refuse to acknowledge your help.

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Ashley M. said...

I've bragged on multiple occasions about your older boys helping me that one time at Stokoe Farms when I was super pregnant and trying to heard children and lift strollers and such. Whenever I get negative remarks about why in the world I'd do something as crazy as homeschooling, I refer to kids such as your boys as being the kind of peers I want my sons looking up to. It seriously blew me away that day!! Total proof that teenagers are not always the scary, sullen people society accuses them of being.