Monday, April 21, 2014

Meal Plan

Still working on cleaning out the freezer a bit to make room for our upcoming meat delivery. Also working without a washing machine until Thursday and with a leak in the kitchen somewhere that is causing water to come up through the floor. Possible the new dishwasher was installed wrong or something came loose. Who knows. Add in the brakes failing in the van and it has been a fun, fun week. Just thankful everyone made it home safely.

M: hard boiled eggs and toast (B), leftovers (L), leftovers (D)
T: muffin melts and nectarines (B), sandwiches (L), pulled pork (D)
W: oatmeal (B), leftovers (L), alphabet soup (D)
T: eggs and toast (B), pbj or leftovers (L), chicken divan  (D)
F: pumpin bread and fruit(B), tuna sandwiches (L), spaghetti (D)

We have decided to commit to meatless Fridays year round.  Reminding ourselves that the obligation to have meatless Fridays was never removed, you were just allowed to substitute another sacrifice in it's place. I don't know about your family but we tend not to ever remember to substitute another sacrifice. Just not something we ever got used to doing. So we've decided to go back to meatless Fridays instead.

Also hoping to pull out the beef bones and make bone broth this week as well as turn some dried beans into baked beans using some of the pork hocks we have in the freezer.

Snacks for this week are pumpkin bread, fruit, animal crackers, carrots and celery, and popcorn.

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