Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Week in The Life of Us

I still have lots of vacation pictures to share but just haven't gotten around to it yet.  I'm still feeling a wee bit under the weather.  Anytime I get anything respiratory related, it seems to settle in my chest and take up residence for a month or so. Which leads to a lack of sleep. Which means I'm worn out and drained. And achy. And slightly miserable.

I have lots of ideas floating around my mind to share but certain they will annoy some people.

The children and some kids from another family were goofing off in the parking lot after the expo and broke the van door. Granted, we knew it was coming since Chevy did a terrible job building these vehicles and the hinges are known to rust/break thus causing the doors to simply fall off. They know it happens, know it is a safety issue, and refuse to take responsibility for fixing them. They prefer to charge the vehicle owner around $1k per door for the repair.  Seriously, the van has less than 98K miles on it so I'm less than pleased with how it has held up. I doubt we will ever buy another Chevy/GM vehicle again. So anyway, the van will be in the shop for about 3 days next week. I guess at least it did not happen on vacation.

Still trying to get back into the swing of things after vacation.  Most of the animals seem to have finally adjusted and are back to normal. The cat is back to hanging around the house again. The dogs were constantly fighting with each other, snapping at each other, and at the younger children when we returned which is a sign of major stress. Completely out of character for them so I'm assuming they did not enjoy their break from us.  The chickens still are not laying.  This is because they were under a tremendous amount of physical stress while we were gone.  Sadly this is a normal reaction to such stress and it can take several more weeks for them to get back to normal.  This is rather an upsetting situation since they were laying between 8 and a dozen eggs a day and a major food source. Now we are lucky to get 3.  Sadly the stress they were put under was completely avoidable. I'm just hoping that none of them were injured or permanently hurt. Here's hoping they recover and are back to normal soon but given that it has already been 2 weeks, I'm getting a bit worried.

The snow has melted again but we are apparently expecting a tad more over the weekend. I don't mind the snow but I'd love for us to be able to start planning the garden.

Hopefully I will get some more vacation pictures up tomorrow. Or over the weekend. Hopefully.

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