Saturday, March 8, 2014

Whatcha Reading?

I know I can't be the only person who often is reading multiple books at once.  I really need to update my book feed. And I'm always looking for good suggestions so if you have something in mind, send it my way.

Anyway, here's what is currently being read in my world:

Growing Up Duggar.  Ok, in reality I just might have read the entire book in one sitting last night. Yup, I do that at times.  Not a challenging read but I love reading about this family.  I may not agree with all of the choices this family makes with how they run their family but I truly admire their dedication to their faith, willingness to share it, and refusal to back down just to please the crowd.  That is IMO something to be greatly admired.
Separation of Power.  Yes, I've long been a fan of Vince Flynn's books about Mitch Rapp. I do believe my father-in-law might have gotten me hooked on this author when the books were included in the boxes my mother-in-law would send every so often with stuff for the kids. The benefits of relatives who travel a lot and take books with them to read is they often are willing to share the wealth when they are done reading.  And, yes, I am totally annoyed that Tom Cruise was cast as Mitch Rapp in that movie. Totally ruins the idea of even watching it for me and, seriously, if you've read the books you know he looks nothing like the guy described in the book.
The Wives of Los Alamos.  Just starting this one. Even though it is a work of fiction, I know it is based in reality as well. A reality that makes me say modern day military spouses who complain about the stuff they lack need to buck up and deal.  Not saying there aren't times that it's worth complaining about something but seriously, for the most part we have it incredibly wonderful.
The Gargoyle Code. Just started this one as well and I think it is a must read for this Lenten season.  Bonus points if you are an amazon prime member since it is available for free through the kindle owners lending library.  Written in the style of the Screwtape Letters, it's been  a wonderful walk through the world of taking your religious rituals too seriously and failing to explore the deeper aspects of your faith (the important stuff).

And here is what is waiting in line to be read:

The Sinner's Guide to NFP.  It's gotten great reviews and both Alan and I were wanting to read it so we took advantage of the buy the paperback, get the kindle version for free deal.  Alan prefers books on his kindle lately and I prefer a mix but this type of book, I really want the hard copy in my hands. Looking forward to reading a realistic book about NFP in the real world or the reasons why we need to quit lying to newlyweds and saying NFP is awesome and a walk in the park. Because it isn't and I hate having to field the phone calls from couples who were sold a pack of lies.
Theft of the Star Tracker.  This a young adult book by a local author that I promised to review.  I keep forgetting to start it but am looking forward to sharing it with the kids.
Dark Night of the Soul.  A friend sent me a copy of this book when I said I was interested in reading it and I'm hoping to dive into it soon.  As soon as I figure out where the kids put it when they cleared the kitchen table.  Sigh. St. Anthony, I need your help again.  As my Grandfather would say, "If the walls could move, they'd be missing."

I Will Carry You.  This is on my list and has been for a while. I must order it when we get back from vacation.  I have a feeling it's something I need to read.


Ashley said...

Nope you're definitely not alone in reading several books at a time. I'm currently finishing up Pierced by a Sword, a couple of Scott Hahn books, and just finished up the Hobbit (again). I was wondering about the Duggar girls' book. I've read & enjoyed the 2 previous books written by the parents. I may have to check into this one too. Also looking forward to reading Simcha's NFP book. I've been on a huge reading kick now that Declan is sleeping a bit more and I have a little more time on my hands. My Amazon wish list overfloweth. ;)

Dirtdartwife said...

I read Gargoyle Code about three Lents ago. I can't remember what it was in it that got me looking to the TLM. But that book was the genesis of my interest. I'm reading Hitlers Bunker and The Holocaust Diaries.... well, if Courtney would stop snatching them up. I also have so e books on my kindle reader that I need to get cracking on.