Sunday, January 19, 2014

Meal Plan

Ok, I'll admit it. The last few weeks I do believe I have mostly ignored the meal plans.  I might have laughed at it at one point last week. And then there are the days that start out with us realizing breakfast was supposed to be made the night before or someone knocked the lid off the incubating milk so it did not do it's magic and turn into yogurt. Yup.  One of those weeks.  Here's hoping I do better this week. Trying to use the eggs a bit more regularly again. The chickens have actually kept laying during the winter which is a bit weird. We've been getting about 3 dozen or so a week. I'm hoping that number will double once the weather warms up because we use about 20 dozen eggs a month.  Anyway, here's the current plan.

M: pumpkin bread, fruit (B), crock pot mac and cheese (L), beef stew (D)
T: egg sandwiches (B), leftovers (L), peanut satay (D)  {Ok, this one really might not happen}
W: danish (B), easy noodle stir fry (L), chicken pot pie (D)
T: crock pot breakfast casserole (B), sandwiches (L), pork roast (D)
F: oatmeal (B), leftovers (L), cheeseburger macaroni (D)

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