Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 3

Let's be honest here. We keep our house on the cooler side in the winter. If we are expecting guests, we turn the pellet stove up a bit. But in general we keep the thermostat set around 60-62 (hoping that the furnace never really kicks on) and use the pellet stove to heat the main living areas of the house instead. But our house has weird heat pockets and the kitchen/dining room/our bedroom are always freezing cold. I have my theories involving what happened when the garage was added to the house but I don't know for certain.  But today I am going to say I am thankful for warm socks. Especially the pack of new wool socks someone bought for me at SAMS this year.  Warm socks keep me happy, especially when they are ones that my kids can't steal because there is no way to mistake that these socks are mine.  Yup, my children are sock stealers. Then they wear them outside. And run on the gravel driveway. Without their shoes.  Making my socks fairly disposable. Sigh. And, no, even writing Mom on the bottom of the socks has not helped.


Jeff Hite said...

That is because when they look at the sock up side down it says WOW and that makes them think the socks are just awesome!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you have warm socks as well! Nothing beats warm feet. (Well almost nothing! :0